Sale, Construction
and financing
of ships and yachts

With big money at stake, you need specialised advise to make sure the transaction goes safely and as smoothly as possible. Whether you are seller in need of assistance in drafting the contract or a bank seeking advice on how to secure the loan over the vessel , we can help you.

We have a long track record of representing clients in registration of ships and yachts under construction as well as registration and discharge of mortgages in the Polish Register of Ships.

We also have experience in yacht building contracts as well as disputes in relation to warranties and delay in delivery of yachts.
  • Drafting shipbuilding contracts and contract terms
  • Drafting mortgage agreements
  • Registration of ships and mortgages
  • Security instruments in ship finance transactions
  • Refund guarantees
  • Foreclosures and enforcement of mortgages
  • Memorandums of agreement, bill of sale and closing documents