1. International
trade and finance

We advise on all aspects of sale of goods carried by sea and financing of such transactions. We combine expertise in international trade and our shipping knowledge to safeguards our clients against risk involved in importing and exporting goods.

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2. Shipping

Whatever the role of your company in the shipping sector, we will safely guide you through the dense web of specialised contracts, general terms, transport documents, international conventions and commercial practice surrounding each transaction.

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3. Marine

We combine our expertise in this field with experience in shipping to provide our clients with pragmatic and comprehensive advice in marine insurance.

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4. Sale, Construction
and financing of
ships and yachts

With big money at stake, you need specialised advise to make sure the transaction goes safely and as smoothly as possible. Whether you are seller in need of assistance in drafting the contract or a bank seeking advice on how to secure the loan over the vessel , we can help you.

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5. Maritime accidents

We regularly advise on a range of admiralty issues. We offer legal assistance and practical guidance in maritime emergencies, accident investigation and liability claims.

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6. Road carriage
(CMR) and freight

If your or your client’s goods are lost or damaged, containers are not retuned on time or extra transport costs are generated, we can help you.

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7. Dispute resolution

We offer our clients pragmatic assessment of chances of success, negotiation of settlement and, if that fails, we represent them litigation or arbitration with passion and dedication.

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Professional legal services
in the field of maritime law


We are one of the few Polish law firms specializing in maritime law, marine insurance, international trade and transport.

Our clients include shipowners, ship agents, traders, P&I clubs, underwriters, ship finance banks, shipyards, road carriers, freight – forwarders and foreign law firms. We are also know for assisting seafarers and their families in maritime accidents. We have been involved in numerous high value, complex cases in marine sector, in particular in marine insurance, commodities, ship finance and maritime casualties. We have vast experience in cross – border dispute resolution – both in litigation and arbitration.